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Theory of Change and Complexity: Making it Work

June 6, 2023

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Jun 06, 2023


Nowadays, we work with Theories of Change (ToC) in projects and programs. The reason is because we intend to do justice to complexity, and still come up with good project plans (based on an explicit theory) and monitor the right things.Why is it then, that many Theories of Change are (again) overly simplistic and still reflect linear thinking? Miracle gap between "if we do this, then that will happen” still exists. Also, we feel that the use of theories of change in practice often does not really enhance learning and adaptation during implementation.

In our webinar we will explore how to take steps towards more sound theories of change. We will zoom in on the topic of assumptions, especially the ones underlying stakeholder behaviour. We will reflect on how to organize an effective ToC development and implementation process.

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Date: Tuesday, 6th June at 11:00 CEST time

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