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About our office

Flat B5, House 1
Road 23/B, Gulshan 1
Dhaka 1212

As part of the OneMDF network, MDF Bangladesh was established in 2015, providing training and consultancy services. We play diverse roles such as learning facilitators, managing partnerships, and evaluators.  

We support organisations and individuals to enhance their capacity. As learning facilitators, we support the clients through development trails combining training and coaching. This ensures the learning is used, sustained, and applied in their work. Our clients are from the development sector, private and as well as the public sector.
Our team consists of a diverse range of capacities with different backgrounds and experiences. We are specialised in management advisory, managing partnerships, and evaluations.  

Our consultancies cover management skills development, curriculum development, Inclusive social sustainable enterprise development, M&E framework development, and strategic development.  
We provide in-country bilingual courses with international standards. We also offer tailor-made training programs aligning with clients’ needs. MDF Bangladesh team consists of national and international Trainers/Consultants.  

We work with long-term partnerships by supporting the organisations during the planning, implementation, and monitoring phases.
As evaluators, we conduct appreciative evaluations for implementers and independent evaluations for funding partners.  
Please see the MDF Asia brochure and 2022 training calendar for more information.

Meet our experts

Sanjida Islam
Trainer - Consultant
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Saifuddin Mahmud
Trainer - Consultant
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Dr. Mubina Tabassum
Trainer - Consultant
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Shahinul Islam
Finance & Administration
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Thilakan Sathasivam
Director Bangladesh office
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Khadija Bagum
Financial Administration
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Nusrat Haider
Trainer / Consultant
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Assignment Page
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Enterprising Partner

The Ghana Innovation Hub

MDF set up the Ghana Innovation Hub in 2018, together with BlueSpace Africa and the Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU)

Enterprising Partner

Water for Virunga (W4V) Rwanda

MDF managed, with partners, a six-year project which improved the relations and reduced the conflicts between various stakeholders

Enterprising Partner

Boosting circular economy of Mombasa - Kenya

In partnership with Close the Gap and Crosswise Works, MDF developed a multi-year project with RVO funding

Enterprising Partner

Reforming agricultural TVET curricula in Kenya

MDF implemented a two-year intervention to develop new teaching modules, boost the quality of TVET teaching

Enterprising Partner

Online entrepreneurship courses at University of Benin

We co-created business courses on an online learning platform which users can access via a web browser or an Android app.

Enterprising Partner

Acceleration support for horticultural SMEs in Ghana

We designed and facilitated group workshops followed by individual coaching of each company

Enterprising Partner

Web-based market outreach for women-led MSMEs in Indonesia

We developed modules and trained trainers on how to create and manage an online business

Enterprising Partner

Set-up support for two incubation hubs in Malawi

We developed business plans jointly with the Lilongwe Technical College and Soche Technical College.

Custom Designed Training

Training to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities in DRC

We applied a holistic approach to WASH training. It combined capacity building of actors at all levels and empowerment of local communities to lead.

Custom Designed Training

Co-creation of online trainings People Management and Cross-Cultural ‎Communication

MDF is providing technical assistance to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in updating Training of Trainers (ToT) activities

Custom Designed Training

Building leadership in an emerging country

We designed a management trajectory to make managers more aware of their personal style and of the different aspects of leading teams.

Organisation and People Management

Development of a monitoring framework for ILO

ILO in Sri Lanka approached MDF to develop a monitoring framework for the LEED+ project

Organisation and People Management

Revising the monitoring system of AgriProFocus

MDF facilitated a participatory process for results-based reporting, strengthening their M&E and designing an M&E protocol.

Organisation and People Management

Modernising land administration in Benin

This project contributes to determining the best methods to measure land, translate it in titles and maintain the records in a suitable database.

Organisation and People Management

Design and facilitation of learning events for VIA Water

MDF Training & Consultancy designed, facilitated and co-organised a series of Learning Tours in Nairobi, Kigali, Benin and Accra.

Organisation and People Management

Working with women peace activists towards a Theory of Change based strategy

MDF was approached by the Cairo-based women's organisation Karama to facilitate a Theory of Change workshop for its network of women peace activists.

Organisation and People Management

Bridging the Digital Gap

MDF with Close the Gap, CrossWise Works, Good Up and NITA is implementing a 3-year 1.5 million euro matching grant for a circular economy project.

Online training and facilitation

Co-creating a worldwide e-learning platform: Change the Game

Wild Geese Foundation requested MDF Training & Consultancy to help co-create their Change the Game Academy.


Evaluation services for the ILO SCORE programme

The ILO - Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) programme continuously seeks MDF’s assistance to carry out meaningful evaluation research


End-evaluation of Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa

MDF performed an End of Phase evaluation of SUSTAIN-Africa.


Independent summative evaluation of the Global Partnership for Education  

MDF reviewed the overall performance of this multi-stakeholder partnership in such a way that it led to understandable, acceptable and actionable lessons.


Evaluations of innovating justice programmes - the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law

Between 2018 and 2022, MDF conducted three evaluations for the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL).


Tracer studies of the Kenya Youth Employment & Opportunities Project

The Kenya Youth Employment Opportunities Project (KYEOP) aims to improve the employability of Kenyan youths while also providing them with a way to earn money.


Realist evaluation of the Shiraka programme; government relations with the MENA region.

In 2022, we evaluated the Shiraka training programme and the government-to-government programme.