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2030 SDGs Game

Get your game on!

The Sustainable Development Goals Game is an interactive card game designed in Japan that can be played online or in-person.

The game offers many possibilities to everyone with an interest in sustainability and curiosity about how you as a person and/or your organisation relate to the SDGs.

It is a great tool to start the conversation on how we can all contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable world. We organise open game events and in-house events where the game is tailored to your context and needs.

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How to play the game?

The game can be played online or face-to-face with 10 to 50 people and simulates the world until 2030. Participants create the world together and experience how their individual choices affect the world. The game takes about 2.5 hours, including reflection. 

Why play the game?

The players discover why the SDGs (also known as Global Goals) are important for the world, what possibilities arise by looking at the world through the SDGs and how we can relate to the SDGs ourselves. The game is linked to the players’ own reality, raising awareness of the interdependencies and consequences of our actions.

Who is the game for?

The game can be played by a diverse set of people. Irrespective of your age and background, you are more than welcome to join because the SDGs are for and about everyone. Whether you find yourself in a business environment, at a school, working in the public sector or at an NGO, this game is fun and can help you to reflect on how you can contribute to achieving the SDGs. Knowledge about the SDGs is not a prerequisite to play the game.


How can I use the game?

The game is a tool to create awareness and engagement. It can start a discussion about how we (can) contribute to a sustainable world at the individual and/or organisational level. Used as an in-house event, we can link the game to strategic sessions, team-building sessions, CSR initiatives, stakeholder meetings, network events, etc.

Interested in playing the game?

We have played games at various organisations, including Van Hall Larenstein Applied University of Sciences, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, and the Platform for International Education (PIE).

MDF has four certified 2030 SDGs Game facilitators: Pauline van Norel and Sam Boering in the Netherlands, Rayke Nelis in Myanmar and Francis van Dusseldorp in Ghana.

Please feel welcome to experience the game yourself!

In-house events are organised on request. If you want to play the game within your organisation, we are very happy to sit with you and see how we can tailor the game to your needs and situation.

Playing Game

Looking for a nice location to play the game? We work together with 'Locaties met Meerwaarde(n)' (location with added value). They offer locations for business purposes with a cultural, environmental or social character. 

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What are the costs to play the game?

  • We charge a small fee for participation in open events
  • For in-house events, we use different pricing depending on the type of organisation. In line with the SDGs, we do not want to leave anyone out. Get in touch with us for more information.
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Rayke Nelis
Rayke Nelis
Deputy Director
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Pauline van Norel
Pauline van Norel
Senior Trainer -Consultant
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Francisca van Dusseldorp
Francisca van Dusseldorp
Trainer - Coach
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Sam Boering
Sam Boering
Senior Trainer - Consultant
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