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About our office

Carrefour 16 Ampoules
Gbèdjromèdé, Cotonou

Bonjour et bienvenue! MDF Benin is the youngest office in the MDF family. We have been operating in Benin since 2009 and our MDF office was formally registered in 2019.

We serves clients in need of support or partnership in managerial, organisational and entrepreneurial capacity building. We have a small but dedicated team of professionals and we can count on the support of our MDF consultants worldwide, all of whom have completed MDF's project management training and have professional experience in Benin and the West African region.

MDF Benin regularly does the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes, as well as conducting impact studies.

Meet our experts

Tatiana Dougba
Project manager ABC Bénin
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Finance & Administration
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Damien N’Ledji Gbedji
Director MDF Benin
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Francisca van Dusseldorp
Trainer - Coach
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Arnaud Michée Houesse  
Trainer - consultant
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