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We’re passionate to help you grasp the real effects of your social interventions. Together, we can design a robust and useful evaluation process to learn from your past performance, while catering towards your accountability and reporting requirements.

  • Client-centred approach, whether you need a critical friend or a robust external evaluator.
  • Experts in evaluating complex programmes and partnerships, including governance.
  • Applying international standards for rigorous and ethical evaluations.
  • We stimulate learning beyond where other evaluators stop.
  • Our multinational teams provide subject-matter expertise and contextual knowledge.

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Our services

  • Co-designed and utility-focused evaluation processes.
  • Theory-based evaluations, offering reflections on your Theory of Change (ToC).
  • Design or review of your ToC.
  • Solid baseline, mid-term, and endline evaluations with mixed methods.  
  • Assessments that harvest your outcomes or impacts even beyond project duration.
  • Facilitation of participatory reflection processes - as your critical learning partner.
  • Pathway mapping of the significance of your project,  partnership or policy.

Our partners and clients

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We recognise that most international development efforts pursue complex change. This type of change is often intangible, non-linear, and difficult to predict in pace and scale.  

Measuring this therefore requires complex-aware methods like: Outcome Mapping / Outcome Harvesting, Most Significant Change, Collective Impact Approach and Timeline Analysis.

We need to understand the expectedunexpected changes, which can go beyond your own deliverables. What is the significance of your intervention? How plausibly can change be attributed to your efforts?  

Together we pick from our toolkit of tested methodologies, which we tailor to your specific needs. This can include Contribution Analysis, Realist Evaluation, Process Tracing or Collaborative Outcome Reporting.  

We mobilise additional quantitative expertise when appropriate.  

For true learning, we go even further: we deliberately pursue the acceptance and internalisation of evaluation results through joint sense-making.  

We then work with you to translate the evaluation findings into actionable measures that will empower you towards even greater social impact.

Meet our experts

Max Kuipers
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Antonio Battista
Trainer - Consultant
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Hilde van Dijkhorst
Senior Trainer - Consultant
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Irma Alpenidze
Senior Trainer - Consultant
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Migena Koster-Dako
Senior Business Developer
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Mike Zuijderduijn
Managing Director
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Michael Osei Nkrumah
Trainer - Consultant
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Michelle de Rijck
Trainer - Consultant
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Marie de Coune
Senior Trainer - Consultant and evaluator
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Marian Tadefa-Kubabom
Trainer - Consultant
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Johan Vonk
Trainer - Consultant
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Josee Mawazo
Accountant & Trainer - Consultant
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Frank Delasi Amable
Trainer - Consultant
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