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Evaluation of the Global Partnership for Education

Evaluation of the Global Partnership for Education

What we did

MDF reviewed the overall performance of the GPE, the multi-stakeholder partnership in education. It led to understandable, accepted and actionable lessons for their post-2020 strategy.

What type of programme did we evaluate?

  • Partners: partnership between governments, civil society and private sector, secretariat hosted by the World Bank in Washington D.C.  
  • Aim and sector: to secure equitable access to good quality education for all.
  • Region and target group: sector-wide support in over 70 low-income countries and lower-middle-income countries.

What made our evaluation meaningful?

With the support of seasoned education specialists, MDF conducted a thorough examination of Global Partnership for Education's (GPE) development and organisational performance. We drew on extensive monitoring and assessment data accumulated by GPE over the years. We conducted a qualitative contribution analysis of factors influencing the education plan implementation and the partnership effectiveness at the country levels. We implemented a benchmarking study of four comparable global funds, and did a dedicated partnership assessment that looked beyond policies and procedures but focused on the dynamics of the partnership itself.

How is it impactful?

The delivery of this evaluation process included a range of opportunities for the client to discuss and contribute to the analysis of findings as they emerged. This resulted in the timely delivery of an overall evaluation report in English and French, for which both the client and its Independent Evaluation Committee were grateful.

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