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A monitoring framework for ILO

A monitoring framework for ILO

The client and the challenge

Our client

The International Labour Organization in Sri Lanka approached MDF to develop a monitoring framework for its LEED+ project, aimed at lifting up cooperatives and groups in conflict-affected areas to become successful enterprises.

The Challenge

LEED+ had been successfully implemented by ILO for over 7 years, constantly evolving and adapting to new needs. Due to this flexibility, it had no rigorous monitoring mechanism. While there were results and success stories, it was a challenge to find a process to share these. A new monitoring framework would tackle this problem. It had to adhere to the DCED standards, which help practitioners measure results in private sector development.

Our solution

MDF followed an appreciative inquiry approach. We wanted to create a collective understanding of expected outcomes. We designed a Theory of Change (ToC) which formed the basis for a more holistic results framework and monitoring plan. We informed ourselves through many interviews and focus group discussions we held with key ILO personnel. We also did visioning, storytelling and outcome mapping with cooperatives members.

Final tools included a revised ToC and logframe including indicators, progress markers, a plan for outcome harvesting, and an M&E plan with agreed roles and responsibilities. Our participatory and inclusive approach resulted in the true ownership of our deliverables by the ILO project team.

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