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UNICEF Journey of Life - Child Protection Bangladesh

UNICEF Journey of Life - Child Protection Bangladesh

The client and the challange

Our client

UNICEF Bangladesh

The challenge

Unfortunately, many children worldwide are victims of violence, exploitation, and abuse. Intense and comprehensive child protection systems should be established in community, to protect children from all forms of exploitation including child marriage and gender-based violence.

UNICEF’s APC project in Bangladesh works with child rights facilitators, Harmful Practices program coordinators,children and adolescent club organizers, community facilitators, peer leaders and social workers. The challenge is to make that the community are fully involved to support the children to protect themselves.

The solution

UNICEF commissioned the assignment to MDF Bangladesh to rollout The Journey of Life modules. These are workshops at community level that raise awareness about child needs and how the community can help prevent or solve problems. MDF developed facilitation guides and trainer notes and conducted training of Mastertrainers and core trainers. As a result, community facilitators have started to engage with broad spectrum of community members to discuss how to better protect children and adolescents from any sets of violence and harmful practices. They will reach at least 4,000 people.

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