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Leadership and People Management

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Oct 23, 2023 - Nov 24, 2023

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September 25, 2023

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Oct 23, 2023 - Nov 17, 2023

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Nov 20, 2023 - Nov 24, 2023

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November 20, 2023

Leadership and People Management

The most valuable assets of your organisation are your people. Today’s effective leaders understand what drives others, but they are also aware of their personal motives. Are you someone that generates trust, shows empathy, and appreciates diversity? A great leader embraces lifelong learning.

In this extensive leadership course, you will learn the best practices for you to thrive as a leader. You will need four weeks to complete the training. In the first 3 weeks you will work independently on our online Moodle platform (20 hours). Then we will meet in Ede, the Netherlands, where we will conduct several practical activities over five days (40 hours). You will receive support and guidance from our leadership team during all phases of this course.

By the end of this course you will

  • Have gained insight into your personal leadership style, qualities and challenges in leading individuals and teams
  • Have analysed your personal behaviour, qualities and pitfalls when interacting through the DISC profile
  • Have strengthened your practical management skills like feedback and coaching
  • Be able to strengthen your engagement and trust with colleagues and staff. You will understand your staff’s needs and can adapt your leadership style
  • Be able to address performance or motivation issues and deal with conflict more effectively.

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Ede, The Netherlands

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Leadership and People Management

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You are or aspire to be in a leadership role in an international organisation. You are responsible for leading, managing or supporting individual staff or teams. You are motivated to increase your self-awareness and develop trust through self-reflection and experimentation.

Blended Course

In a blended learning trajectory, we combine online and face-to-face learning. During the first 3 weeks of the course, you will have online lessons through our e-learning platform. This online portion takes approximately 2-3 hours per week. Then the face-to-face training continues in Ede, the Netherlands. Our trainers will guide and mentor your learning process.

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Ask the trainer

Jolanda Buter
Senior Trainer - Consultant
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Pauline van Norel
Senior Trainer -Consultant
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Lisa Freiburg
Trainer - Consultant
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