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Advocacy & Policy Influencing

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Advocacy & Policy Influencing

Nowadays, most projects and programmes aim for long-lasting change, and aim to work with decision-makers such as government or corporates on how to adopt better policies and practices for the future. These changes can impact the lives of all citizens. However, organisations can find themselves conducting these advocacy efforts for years without seeing results.

Often, it is unclear how to start, and how to approach the policy formulation and implementation processes or the political actors. How do we decide whether to agitate on the public stage, or collaborate privately? Success will also depend on your skills in navigating alliances, negotiating, and pitching.

Through this course you will learn to create a strategy for lobbying and advocacy actions by analysing stakeholders and policy contexts, understanding policy development and implementation cycles, and using practical tools to prepare and deliver your message effectively. This course will take place in-person at a hotel venue in Bangkok, for 4 days, May 8-11 2023.

During this course, you will:

  • Create a systematic strategy for lobbying and advocacy actions
  • Analyze stakeholders and policy contexts
  • Understand how to influence policy development or implementation processes
  • Learn about practical tools and methods to plan, prepare and implement advocacy initiatives

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Advocacy & Policy Influencing

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You work in an NGO or other civil organization, a network or alliance, a government entity, or a private sector organization involved in corporate sustainability. You are searching for key knowledge, methods, tools and skills in strategic and transformative change, lobbying, advocacy, or policy influencing.

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Zoë Lawson
Trainer - Consultant
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