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Making evaluations useful and learning oriented

September 12, 2023

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Sep 12, 2023


Making actionable recommendations for evaluations is a crucial step in the evaluation process, whether it's a program evaluation, performance review, or any other type of assessment.But how do we make sure, as evaluators, that our recommendations are relevant and actionable, meaning that the client will find them useful and will rigorously follow-up on them once is the evaluation is finalized? During this webinar we will give tips and tricks to make recommendations for evaluations actionable by presenting and discussing the following:

✔ How to translate findings and conclusions into recommendations.

✔ What principles and what approaches to use when developing recommendations.

✔ How to craft evaluation recommendations that are SMART and actionable.

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When: Tuesday 12th of September at 11:30-12:15 CEST.

Speakers: Antonio Battista, Kwaku Owusu Afriyie, Michelle de Rijck, Hilde van Dijkhorst

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