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Advocacy, Policy Influencing, and Lobbying

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Addressing Today's Issues, Anticipating Tomorrow's Needs

Understanding and effectively using Advocacy and Policy Influencing (API) and Lobbying is crucial for driving change. These methods have become central to strategies that address diverse challenges and opportunities. We want to help professionals and organisations navigate this space with clear, actionable guidance.

How we work in Advocacy, Policy Influencing, and Lobbying

We assist a variety of professionals such as directors, policy advisors, programme managers, lobbyists, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL)-experts, and communication experts. MDF assists you, your organisation and your partners in building capacity to strategise, design and conduct effective API interventions, and capture and learn from your policy influencing efforts. Our services include:

Advocacy, Policy Influencing (API) - Management Consulting

Our methodology involves a comprehensive understanding of socio-political and legal environments, stakeholder considerations, and risk assessments. We specialise in advising on the creation and management of API strategies, crafting specific tactics suited to various policy stages. As well, we recommend practical methods for monitoring and evaluating the efficacy of API efforts, with systems in place to track progress and make necessary strategy adjustments.

Building API capabilities

As part of our service, we evaluate existing API capabilities, identify areas for improvement, and design tailored training and learning strategies. As well as monitoring the effectiveness of these strategies, we provide recommendations for adjustment as necessary.

Learning in API

MDF provides diverse API training options, including online, face-to-face, and blended formats, along with specialised training tailored to an organisation's specific API requirements.

Our approach in Advocacy and lobbying

Our primary focus is on helping organisations and professionals in the API sector work effectively and efficiently. Whether it's creating a strategy, building skills, or training teams, MDF is here to help.

Meet our experts

Ibrahim Baka
Ibrahim Baka
Junior Marketing Officer
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Sabina Voogd
Sabina Voogd
Associate | Senior Trainer - Consultant
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Linda Janmaat
Linda Janmaat
Senior Trainer - Consultant
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