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Working with women peace activists

Working with women peace activists

Our client and our challenge

The client

Cairo-based women's organisation Karama asked MDF to facilitate a Theory of Change workshop for its network of women peace activists in the Arab World. It was the start of long-term collaboration.

Karama is a regional NGO based in Cairo, Egypt, working to defend women's rights and inclusive peace building. A strong network of women's rights partners located across the Arab World, it brings together partner organisations from 14 different countries.

The challenge

Karama established the Arab Regional Network for Women, Peace and Security (ARNWPS). It sought to concentrate its policy influencing and capacity building efforts through more structured collaboration. To allow the network to move away from topical activism and work more towards sustainable results, Karama needed an overarching Theory of Change for ARNWPS.

Our solution

In a series of participatory workshops we guided network members to develop a shared vision, pathway of change and a strategy. In addition, we facilitated actor, context and risk analyses. Face-to-face sessions in Cairo were alternated with coaching sessions through Skype and email, enabling members from all 14 countries to contribute.

The process has taught members to utilise their experience in articulating how change happens, and to make better use of the network's resources to work towards sustainable results.

The Theory of Change has since been refined. Karama has used it numerous times as a rationale for mobilising resources.

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