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Web-based market outreach for women-led MSMEs in Indonesia

Web-based market outreach for women-led MSMEs in Indonesia

The client and the challenge

Our client

The Canadian Trade and Investment Facility for Development (CTIF) prioritises trade and investment-related policy reforms that are aligned with Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.

The challenge

During the Covid pandemic, many small businesses in Indonesia became extra vulnerable. Especially women-led micro and small businesses felt the consequences of lock-downs. How can women continue their income generation, while being restricted in their movement? Can business be combined with home and child care?

The solution

One solution is to promote business digitisation. MDF provided support to the Persepi business incubator. We developed modules on how to create and manage an online business, conduct digital marketing, and pursue environmentally sustainable business practices. We trained trainers who gave hands-on support to women-led SMEs.

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Sanur, Bali