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Water for Virunga (W4V) Rwanda

Water for Virunga (W4V) Rwanda

The client and the challenge

The client

The Netherlands Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda

The challenge

Communities around the parks of the southern Greater Virunga Area, bordering DRC, Uganda and Rwanda are all using the same scarce water resources. This can lead to tensions. How to reduce conflicts through improved access to water and improved watershed management?

The solution

In a consortium led by MDF, with Wageningen University and Research, Witteveen+Bos and the International Gorilla Conservation Programme, we led a seven-year 15.6 euro project. It improved the relations and reduced the conflicts between stakeholders on access to water and other natural resources. We strengthened security, health and productivity at household level, by constructing water-supply facilities and rainwater storages. We facilitated land restauration, agricultural development, and reforestation.

We empowered and brought people together, across international borders through multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) to guide farmers on integrated farm planning. The activities benefitted 245,000 persons in the 3 countries.

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