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The Ghana Innovation Hub

The Ghana Innovation Hub

The client and the challenge

Our client

The direct client in this project is the World Bank through Ghana’s Ministry of Communications.

The challenge

Supporting budding entrepreneurs to start small businesses is not a one-off event. The survival rate of MSMEs in Africa can be lower than 40%. Entrepreneurs face many challenges; from shrinking markets, dried up cash flow, insufficient buffers to counteract unexpected events, to difficulties to reinvest business profits and balance family financial needs. MDF in Ghana manages its own sustainable innovation space for entrepreneurs.

The solution

MDF set up the Ghana Innovation Hub in 2018, together with BlueSpace Africa and the Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU). The hub offers a training space and co-working facilities where we assist entrepreneurs with ideation, three-month incubation, and six-month acceleration. We provide investment match-making, including online and offline networking, exchange events,  business tools, and policy briefs.  

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