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Revising the monitoring system of AgriProFocus

Revising the monitoring system of AgriProFocus

The client and the challenge

Our client

AgriProFocus invited MDF to facilitate a participatory process to strengthen their M&E mechanism for better results-based reporting.

AgriProFocus is an international network with Dutch roots that promotes agri-entrepreneurship in Africa and Asia. It recently became the Netherlands Food Partnership.

The challenge

The AgriProFocus network had no clear picture about their contribution to impact: the changing relations between farmers and entrepreneurs. Hence, they felt insufficiently equipped to compile annual result-based reports. A new M&E mechanism had to enable learning, while also focusing on accountability and informed decision making.

Our solution

MDF discovered that different interpretations by country offices of terminology and indicators provided confusion in reporting. We addressed this by creating data harmonisation protocols and new reporting formats. Another pressing issue, the lack of results-based reporting, we tackled through outcome harvesting via local consultants. This generated country specific cases that were featured in annual reports.

MDF subsequently developed a full scale M&E manual detailing all process stages, from planning to reporting and learning.  As a result, the organisation placed more emphasis on the learning function of M&E, and recruited an M&E officer. 

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