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DRC Leadership Trajectory Myanmar

DRC Leadership Trajectory Myanmar

The client and the challenge

Our client

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has been working in Myanmar since 2009, primarily in humanitarian programmes and projects.

The challenge

Due to the hardship in Myanmar, many of its international staff had to be repatriated. As result, DRC entered into a rapid nationalisation process to replace international staff in the current challenging context. The aim is to increase effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility of operations by bringing national staff quickly up to speed.

MDF started by conducting a leadership learning needs assessment to gain an in-depth understanding of their working context and learning needs. Based on this, the MDF designed a leadership traject that stretches over several months, followed by individual coaching. This allowed them to share and solve challenges they face in their work practice.

The solution

The DRC mangers became aware of their own management style and of the different aspects of leading a team. We created a safe space for managers to ask for advice, both on a personal and professional level. Through peer and expert coaching they managers were enabled better lead their teams and become more effective in their humanitarian operations.

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