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Design & facilitation of learning events for VIA Water

Design & facilitation of learning events for VIA Water

The client and the challenge

Our client

VIA Water is a Dutch funding programme for innovative water projects in African cities. MDF advised on learning events, including proposal writing, business development and creative thinking.

VIA Water is part of Aqua for All that supports innovative projects solving water problems. It is more than just a fund, and believes in learning through innovation.

The challenge

Young entrepreneurs often have brilliant ideas. But they may find it difficult to translate these into convincing business and project proposals. VIA Water guides them how to obtain a VIA Water grant. To deliver this tailor-made support, they needed experienced facilitators.

Our solutions

We facilitated a series of learning tours in Nairobi, Kigali, Cotonou and Accra. We created an online proposal writing toolbox with instruction videos. Participants came together to cross-learn, share proposal writing experiences, and challenges in business start ups. Through workshops we stimulated creative thinking, practised project pitches and peer-to-peer reflections.

As a result, VIA Water was able to grant applicants support and funding for many innovative projects that led to safe drinking water, better sanitation facilities, flood management and reduced health risks.

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