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Co-creating a worldwide e-learning platform: Change the Game

Co-creating a worldwide e-learning platform: Change the Game

The client and the challenge

Our client

Wild Geese Foundation requested MDF to co-create their Change the Game Academy; an open, e-learning platform for people working on social change.

Wild Geese Foundation supports private development initiatives worldwide with advice, capacity strengthening, funding and a broad network of experts.

The challenge

For any social initiative to be sustainable, its implementers need specific skills. Fundraising, policy influencing and organisation development are essential for both national partners and Dutch advisors.  The Academy wanted to emphasise that the responsibility for poverty alleviation also belongs in low- and middle-income countries themselves. Hence it needed to enable national actors to take up this responsibility. The Change the Game Academy had to become an easy-to-use and engaging learning platform that caters to all kinds of learners worldwide.

Our solution

Since 2015, we've rolled out twelve learning trajectories of six months each. We developed themed pools of national trainers, trained and coached them how use the Change the Game Academy and to give follow-up support to fundraising and policy actions. We assisted the groups to conduct national intervision meetings to enable them to exchange and improve their impact.

The Change the Game Academy has since grown significantly with new allies in the Netherlands, Denmark, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mali, Uganda and South Africa.


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