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Building leadership in an emerging country

Building leadership in an emerging country

The client and the challenge

The client

De Heus is a global company originally from Netherlands, producing animal feed, with factories and offices worldwide. One of its most recent establishments is in Myanmar.


The challenge

In 2019, many of the managers of De Heus Myanmar were young and in their first management position. They need to deal up with rapidly increasing responsibilities in production, sales and people management, in a highly volatile context.  

The solution

Together with experts from De Heus in the Netherlands, we designed a management trajectory to make managers more aware of their personal style and of the different aspects of leading teams. We then coached them how to supervise, motivate and appraise people individually. And how to convince suppliers and farmers. This led to the build-up of a senior management team, and a learning trajectory that is ready for other emerging countries.

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