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Strengthening the Myanmar Outreach Network - British Council

Strengthening the Myanmar Outreach Network - British Council

The client and the challenge

Our client

The British Council has been successfully operating in Myanmar since many years.

The challenge

In the current context in Myanmar, with covid-19 still limiting mobility to some extent and the unstable political situation, it's challenging to develop a functioning network that can provide high quality English education. The British Council depends on a network of partners to provide education in remote areas and to marginalized target groups.

The solution

We started with an extensive process of consultations ‎and workshops to develop a theory of change for the network. We then designed a fully participatory process, not only to collect input into the network development plans, but also stimulate the members to get to know each other, develop a collective vision, mission and values, and ideas for collaboration through the network. We then facilitated workshop to jointly agree on the network's structure and mechanisms for collaboration.

The MON network now has a strategic plan, based on their theory of change, and a framework to monitor progress. It has a functioning governance structure, a capacity development plan and a financial sustainability plan.

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