This Innovation Challenge has been initiated as part of the DANIDA Market Development Partnership (DMDP) - Waste to Value project, which seeks to promote a circular plastics economy and provide technical support and resources to businesses and organizations working towards effective plastic waste management in Mombasa.

The Waste to Value Innovation Challenge aims to co-design a thriving innovation ecosystem that will enable individuals with promising innovative solutions in the plastic circular economy field to be organized into business enterprises, assisted in product development, and receive business training.

MDF Training & Consultancy (Eastern and southern Africa - ESA) is partnering with WWF-Kenya and the consortium members to bring together value chain expertise to identify and bring to scale high-impact circular businesses of women, men and especially youth, by formalizing, improving logistics and skills around the business case on collecting, sorting and processing plastic waste in Coastal Kenya.

Accelerating the Transition to a Plastic Circular Chain

The Innovation Challenge aims to assist businesses transform plastic waste otherwise discarded in the natural environment into a valuable commodity and promote a circular plastic economy. Applying our uniquely developed approach, in Stage 01 we help identify gaps in enterprises by conducting an assessment for each business to reflect on its processes, functions, and score it against benchmarks. We shall work with each business to develop an action plan that maps priority areas and actions that will address gaps in three key areas; business operations, marketing & value definition, and financial management. Stage 02 brings in amid-term review to evaluate positive actions the business has taken in achieving set targets and identify areas where targets have not been met. Additionally, the Innovation Challenge will educate businesses on key learnings and approaches of Responsible Business Conduct (RBC). Stage 03 brings in established public/private companies in the country to share their innovation stories and contribution to promotion of a plastic circular economy.

Recognizing the need for a strong support ecosystem for these innovative solutions to flourish, the DMDP project works to bring together various actors and initiatives in the plastic value chain in a series of public events, and to drive synergies through collaboration.

How To Register

Our 18 months program is designed for entrepreneurs in the plastic sector.

Interested participants can register for the Challenge by completing an online registration form available on the website before the registration deadline.

Successful participants will be invited to an interview, which will either be conducted in person or over the phone. Over a period of 18 months, MDF-ESA will manage the selection of eligible businesses through a competitive process to participate in the Challenge to scale up their innovative solutions. The Challenge will provide technical design support and access to quality knowledge on building innovations and business development to scale solutions in plastic waste management.

For Whom

o   Mombasa based entrepreneurs

o   Entrepreneurs within the entire plastic value chain

o   Support women and youth business ideas

o   Entrepreneurs committed to be available for the entire Innovation Challenge duration

Our Aims

o   Address business obstacles in plastic circularity

o   Create a collaborative ecosystem

o   Promote high value circular jobs

o   Design for replication and scale

Our Partners