Goedemorgen, good morning, bom dia, buongiorno... With a vibrant presence and a warm greeting in multiple languages, Sam Boering brightens up the MDF office in the mornings.

The qualities of a caring and bright colleague are reflected in his professional role as a trainer and consultant. His infectious laugh and enthusiasm set the tone for a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

Sam Boering has worked at MDF for more than 20 years as a learning facilitator. He focuses on Results Based Management training, the Sustainable Development Goals game (SDG game), gender mainstreaming courses, and partnership and alliance training activities.

"Learning is fun. It is wonderful to manage learning dynamics, to see people doing new things, gaining experience and growing professionally."

The practical application of tools and methods in Sam's courses can be translated as making professionals realise their potential and enabling them to do a better job. Sam's mission is to show people that change is possible and that effective tools and techniques can be applied to make a difference. Sam's training presents management methods, results frameworks with outputs, outcomes and impacts. He believes in offering options forward, making it easier for individuals to see that they can achieve more results and contribute to their programs to build a better world.

Sam finds joy in the learning process. He creates a fun learning environment where people can grow professionally. Seeing individuals take on difficult challenges, gain experience, and witness their growth firsthand is rewarding for Sam.

"It is enjoyable to work with people motivated to create positive change. We get to know many people who work in many different countries and have different areas of expertise. We trainers also learn a lot."

Sam during MDF's training on gender mainstreaming in development

Life is a journey of learning and experiencing

Sam has lived and worked in various countries, including Bolivia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Throughout his career, he focused on participatory planning and project implementation processes in rural development and natural resources management. These opportunities have shaped his deep understanding of local and institutional realities, exposing him to diverse perspectives. 

Sam's journey as a learning facilitator has been influenced by his encounters with different people and the challenges they face. The key to his professional preparation lies in mapping perspectives and realities when designing and implementing development approaches. This inclusive approach has been a central aspect of Sam's work for the past 30 years. 


"I think the most fundamental aspect of my preparation as a learning facilitator has been my long-term work in projects, gaining a deep understanding of local and institutional realities, thereby working with many people from a great variety of backgrounds."

Sam facilitated outcome harvesting and significant change workshops in Tanzania

A day without learning is a day not lived

Sam lives by his own quote, "A day without learning is a day not lived." This belief extends to all aspects of his life, from his work to his personal experiences. Sam understands that learning is the foundation for growth and fulfillment, and he carries this philosophy with him every day. 

He embodies the human side of MDF, showcasing the passion and dedication that drives the organisation's members. His commitment to creating sustainable impact resonates strongly, as he encourages others to embrace change and contribute to a better world. Through his work, Sam exemplifies MDF's mission and the transformative power of learning and collaboration.