MDF team produced a video that presents a clear way to understand how quantitative methodologies work for Impact Evaluation. Even selling lemonades, we can learn how evaluation techniques can happen. Check it out!



Quantitative impact methods solve the “counterfactual problem” by comparing the “treatment group” with a comparable group with the same characteristics, a control group. If a group can be found which is statistically identical to the control group (with exception of the intervention), then any differences between changes in the two group can be attributed to the intervention.

In our MDF Impact Evaluation course, we will cover the basics of quantitative methods for impact evaluations. Using simple examples we will explain the concepts of quantitative methodologies. 
•    Understanding the rationale behind the quantitative impact methods
•    Identifying in what situations you can use quantitative evaluation methods
•    Understanding what potential biases to look out for in quantitative impact methods.
•    What type of quantitative methods are applicable in which situations.

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Text: Johan Vonk, Trainer/Consultant, MDF Netherlands.

Video: Rhodé de Graaf