The Fish for Livelihoods project of WorldFish Myanmar is a five-year project (2019 - 2024) focused on improving the nutrition status of people in Central and Northern Myanmar by promoting inclusive and sustainable aquaculture growth of small-scale farmers and associated market actors. In order to achieve this, the project aims to strengthen local community-based organizations (CBOs) or civil society organizations (CSOs) in institutional& organizational development (including financial literacy), building market linkages and easy access to credit, as well as promoting the aquaculture sector.

To support this objective, WorldFish commissioned the consortium of MDF Asia Myanmar, Fresh Studio Myanmar, and Sympathy Hands to conduct a Capacity Assessment, Organization Development Planning and Capacity Building with 10 pilot CBO/CSOs – 5 in Shan State and 5 in Kachin State. This process was implemented between November 2021 and June 2022.

In August and September 2022, several meetings were held between WorldFish and the consortium to discuss potential follow-up support for the CBO/CSOs. As a result, the WorldFish F4L project requested the consortium to continue with the OD and Capacity Strengthening process for the pilot CBO/CSOs as well as for selected Implementing Partners of the F4L project.

Between June and September 2023, the consortium continued their support to 3 CBOs and one F4L implementing partner in Kachin State, and 3 CBOs and two implementing partners in Shan State. As with the previous assignment, MDF Asia Myanmar took responsibility for the capacity building in organization development for the Kachin organizations, whereas Sympathy Hands covered these topics for the organizations in Shan State. Fresh Studio conducted the aquaculture training and coaching for both Kachin and Shan State.