Staying awake at online sessions can be challenging. Staring at a screen, listening to all the introductions, and a slow PowerPoint presentation. Help! Keep your participants at the edge of their seat by using the brain-based learning principles... Can you connect the principles with the corresponding method?

Are you already familiar with the brain-based learning principles? 
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Repetition: It is all about building in ways to repeat the same message in different ways. Never just repeat exactly the same message but use variation in the way you recall a message to avoid boredom.

Use of emotions: Learning and remembering are easier when emotions are involved. As a trainer, offline or online, you should always try to make learning something new and exciting!

Sensory rich: One image says more than a thousand words….and don’t forget about the power of music. By offering information through different senses you activate several neural networks at the same time.

Focus: In order to focus, encourage your participants to think about how they are going to use the new insights or visualise the outcome. Let them imagine themselves using the new skill, attitude or knowledge. 

These aren’t all the brain-based learning principles. Are you curious to learn more about how you can integrate the brain-based learning principles in your face-to-face and online sessions? Sign up for the blended course on Training and Facilitation Skills course or get in touch with Lisa Freiburg