MDF has started the evaluation the Fellowship Programme of the Conservation International Foundation (CI), an international non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering societies to protect the environment. Their efforts aim to stabilise our climate, double ocean protection, and advance planet-positive economies.

As part of its strategy, CI trusts in the power of investing in talent through their fellowships, which unite academics, scientists, and leaders across various sectors to innovate sustainability solutions at the interface of climate, conservation, business, and technology.

For the first time since its inception, CI's Fellowship Programme is undergoing a comprehensive evaluation, focusing on learning and improvement. The main goal of this work is to assess the programme's effectiveness in achieving its objectives, learning from what worked well and what could be improved to maximise its impact. To that end, the MDF evaluation team, together with CI, will delve into the programme's outcomes, the enabling structures and processes, and the factors influencing its success or challenges. This marks a critical step in not only understanding the fellowship programme's current impact but also in shaping its future direction.

By examining the results and learning from the implementation process, CI strives to enhance the programme's effectiveness by empowering fellows to further contribute to global conservation initiatives. As part of this reflective exercise, MDF will support CI’s learning and adaptation journey, dedicated to fostering a more sustainable and resilient planet.