PERSONA has been a pioneering force in Bangladesh's beauty landscape since its inception in1998. Over 25 years, it has served over 10 million customers, providing more than 17 million premium services across its 11 ladies' beauty outlets and 6Menz outlets. With a team of 3000 skilled professionals utilizing 107,148square feet, PERSONA extends its expertise beyond outlets, catering comprehensively through Persona Health, Persona Academy, Spring Spa, and Canvas Magazine. This holistic approach reflects PERSONA's commitment to delivering integrated beauty, fashion, and health solutions to its esteemed clientele.

PERSONA faces significant leadership challenges, marked by decentralized decision-making, wrinkled hierarchy, and staff confidence issues favouring senior roles. Inconsistent work practices and personal affairs impacting the workplace amplify these hurdles. Pressing action is needed to encourage leadership capacity. Addressing technical leadership deficits, fostering collaboration, establishing uniform regulations, and promoting a positive culture is crucial for organizational improvement and readiness to confront challenges.

PERSONA partnered with MDF Bangladesh for this initiative to enhance leadership skills.
PERSONA partnered with MDF Bangladesh for this initiative to enhance leadership skills.

MDF Bangladesh has developed a Tailor-Made Training (TMT) strategy that has been carefully developed to meet the specific organisational needs identified through a concise yet comprehensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA). This strategic approach includes a concise six-step training technique, beginning with Situation Analysis and progressing smoothly to the Follow-up phase. Implementing these coherent phases has fostered substantial and influential learning achievements within the organisational structure.

The program brought together 23 talented individuals from seven branches across Dhaka City: Gulshan 1 & 2, Banani, Kakrail, Shantinagar, and two Adams branches, Dhanmondi & Gulshan. PERSONA partnered with MDF Bangladesh for this initiative to enhance leadership skills among Staff holding various roles like Executives, Section In-Charges, and Branch Assistants. Notably, over 90% of these remarkable participants were women. The training sessions occurred at the PERSONA Gulshan office premises.

MDF Bangladesh facilitated the training.

The essence of this impactful training programme is rooted in the carefully designed curriculum, which the proficient and seasoned trainer-consultants at MDF have thoughtfully developed. The curriculum was carefully designed using information from the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) findings and extensive interviews. It encompasses a wide range of essential skill sets necessary for the development and advancement of organisations. The skills above encompassed the development of effective leadership and visionary guidance, the refinement of problem-solving and change management abilities, the cultivation of workplace trust and credibility, the implementation of crisis management strategies, the inspiration of team engagement and motivation, the fostering of collaboration skills, the utilisation of conflict management techniques, and ultimately the enhancement of communication skills and team building capabilities.

The program brought together 23 talented individuals. Over 90% of these remarkable participants were women.

The noticeable change in the leadership attributes exhibited by the staff of PERSONA after participating in the programme acted as a spark, motivating the organisation to continue conducting more Tailor-Made Training sessions. The tangible impact resulting from this intervention not only served to confirm the effectiveness of the programme but also strengthened the collaboration between PERSONA and MDF Bangladesh. This collective commitment represents a mutual dedication to ongoing growth and advancement within the organisational context.

The programme also strengthened the collaboration between PERSONA and MDF Bangladesh.

The ongoing collaboration and commitment between PERSONA and MDF Bangladesh underscore a promising trajectory towards sustained excellence. It is a testament to their shared vision for empowered leadership, driving transformative change and fostering an environment conducive to ongoing professional development. This strategic partnership emphasizes a collective aspiration for continuous learning and growth, paving the way for enhanced leadership capabilities and organisational success in the future.