MDF proudly announces the successful conclusion of a transformative capacity-building partnership with the Adaro Bangun Negeri Foundation (YABN), a key Corporate Foundation of PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk. This collaboration, spanning December 2023 to January 2024, aimed to elevate the capabilities of 30 enthusiastic YABN staff in developing impactful CSR project designs. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable, with eight meticulously crafted projects aligning with YABN's mission and values.

Introduction activity with Human Binggo

Holistic Learning Journey

The program centered on the application of Results-Based Management principles and the Logical Framework Approach, facilitated by MDF consultant Imam Mulyadi. It encompassed a combination of face-to-face sessions, online mentoring, and face-to-face mentoring, providing YABN's young staff with a comprehensive understanding of CSR Project Management.

The face-to-face training, held at Aston Hotel and YABN office, offered an introduction to YABN, Results-Based Management, Project Cycle Management, and Goal-Based Project Planning. The training seamlessly integrated theory with practical exercises, including stakeholder analysis, problem analysis, goal analysis, and strategy selection. These activities not only enhanced analytical skills but also fostered collaborative learning among participants.

The participants are engaging in discussion regarding their group's project design.

Crafting Impactful Designs: Birth of 8 Projects

Participants, organized into eight groups, were tasked with selecting project subjects for Logical Framework development. Stakeholder analysis, problem analysis, and strategy selection were complemented by group dynamics, encouraging information exchange and peer learning. The subsequent refinement and review sessions ensured a deep understanding of the Logical Framework, risk management, assumption identification, and indicator formulation. 

The projects presented at the end of the training were diverse and impactful, ranging from nutrition assistance for early childhood education to solutions for child marriage and sustainable advancement of village-owned enterprises. Each project demonstrated a commitment to YABN's mission and reflected the skills acquired during the training.

One of the groups is presenting a draft of their project design.

Online Mentoring: Nurturing Innovation

December marked the commencement of online mentoring sessions, with each group receiving up to three sessions. Problem analysis emerged as a focal point, showcasing the diverse capabilities of groups. While some excelled in clear intervention logic, others dedicated time to formulating precise project goals. The exclusion of budgeting from mentoring sessions adhered to the contractual framework.

Face-to-Face Mentoring and Evaluation: Grand Finale

The January face-to-face mentoring segment encapsulated reflection, project presentations, and comprehensive feedback. While some projects were robust, especially those focusing on the empowerment of Green Leaders, all successfully applied key training concepts, albeit with varying levels of quality.

Trainer observations underscored active participation across all training phases, creating a collaborative and inclusive learning environment. The online evaluation provided a holistic view of participant sentiments, with 29 out of 30 completing the evaluation. The overall satisfaction averaged an impressive 4.27 out of 5, with participants praising the relevance, interactivity, and applicability of the training.

The trainer oversees the participants to ensure that the concepts they are studying are correctly applied.

Key Takeaways and Future Impacts

The success of this capacity-building program stands as a testament to the dedication and capabilities of the YABN team. YABN's commitment to effective CSR practices, as exemplified through the involvement of young staff in capacity-building initiatives, showcases a forward-looking approach to sustainable positive change. The eight impactful projects not only reflect the skills acquired but also demonstrate the potential for lasting positive impacts in the communities served.

Adaro Energy's commitment to empowering its foundation through such initiatives exemplifies a visionary approach to CSR. MDF Training and Consultancy is proud to have played a role in this transformative journey, and the partnership between MDF, YABN, and Adaro Energy sets a precedent for future collaborations.

In conclusion, the capacity-building program has empowered YABN's staff to take on the challenges of CSR project management with confidence and skill. The journey, marked by collaboration, dedication, and innovation, serves as an inspiration for organizations looking to invest in the development of their teams for sustainable and impactful CSR initiatives.