In this interview, we sit down with Miriam Lindwer, Director MDF Myanmar to gain insights into what she personally finds fulfilling about her role, and the core values she believes other organizations should adopt.  

Q: How is your work at MDF?

MDF offers an exceptional work environment for several compelling reasons. Firstly, our work is characterized by remarkable diversity, and we are deeply committed to our guiding principle: "Empowering people, Creating Impact." Our entire focus revolves around the individuals we collaborate with and the tangible, long-lasting influence we aim to generate on the ground.

Take, for example, our approach to training. We consistently strive to ensure that our training programs are not just theoretical but also practical and directly applicable to real-life situations for participants. Our goal is for them to leave with tools and skills they can immediately implement in their work and daily lives.

Similarly, our approach to evaluations and surveys is carefully designed to yield genuine learning experiences for our project partners. We approach these processes collaboratively, fostering a space for reflection on the insights and findings they generate. This collaborative reflection allows us to explore how these insights can be effectively integrated into their work. We value diverse perspectives, encouraging partners to express their agreement or dissent, interpret the results in their own context, and identify practical applications.

In essence, MDF is a dynamic and empowering workplace that embraces diversity, champions practicality, and lives by the mantra of empowering people and creating enduring impact in the real world.

Miriam Lindwer, Director MDF Myanmar, personally finds fulfilling about her role, and the core values she believes other organizations should adopt

Q: What do you like about your work?

The diversity at work is what truly stands out for me. It provides me with the incredible opportunity to work together with a wide range of individuals and explore new places. I have the privilege of getting to know people hailing from various countries and diverse cultures. One particularly exciting experience occurs frequently when I find myself in training sessions with participants from five different countries or even continents – the sheer diversity in the room is truly thrilling.

Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy working with our team in Myanmar. Whether it's designing training programs or brainstorming ways to ensure their effectiveness and inclusivity, we pool our collective expertise and learn immensely from one another. This collaborative process is not only productive but also highly inspiring.

Working closely with clients, especially those who share our commitment to creating a meaningful impact, is another aspect of my job that I like. Engaging in discussions about tailoring our approaches to precisely meet their needs and align with their unique contexts is incredibly rewarding. When circumstances change, we adapt our strategies and processes to ensure we achieve the desired results and, ultimately, make the impactful change our clients are aiming for.

Q: What MDF value would you like to see in other organizations?

Our core principles consist of Craft, Trust, and Connection. These are the guiding principles we strive to embody in our daily work. This commitment is exemplified by our dedication to delivering the finest products to our clients, tailored to their specific needs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Additionally, we actively foster connections and cultivate trust as the bedrock of our client relationships, ensuring that we can collaborate effectively to achieve the desired outcomes.