Change is good! Following several months of hard work, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new redesigned website! It is now live and located at the same address:

For over 37 years in business, MDF has undergone many changes to meet our clients’ varied needs. With this website redesign, we sought to employ a design that ensures all visitors, including current and potential clients, partners, and staff – have an easier way to learn about MDF, and gain a clear understanding of our services, culture, and core values.

The new website stands out from the crowd due to its;

• Uniform appearance,

• High level of user-friendliness across the pages and,

• Easy use on all types of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

To make this happen, the project team has:

• Increased the clarity of each page,

• Created a dynamic web design that matches our new corporate design,

• Introduced an intuitive navigation experience,

• Updated the content, and

• Implemented consistent bilingual communication (English/French).

Our refreshed website presents improved aesthetics, simplified content, and the ability to directly contact us or any of our global experts. The new design is compliant with international standards and provides visitors with clear navigation and a responsive layout for viewing our site on all electronic platforms. Certainly, a critical objective of this redesign was to help all users find the information they are looking for much more easily.

We are also doubly excited to announce a corporate brand refresh and launch! The timing of our new corporate look aligns with the significant transformation that is taking place across the organisation. The new brand identity embodies the renewed sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm of all our staff, indicative of a company on the move. It marks another major milestone in the evolution of MDF, as we continue to reinvent ourselves, and are taking a fresh, and forward-looking approach to the market.

With a clear goal of looking to achieve what’s possible, MDF is focused on being a global market-driven company ‒ one that embraces change, invests in innovation, and seeks out new challenges. The new brand identity comes at an important time as we position ourselves for the future with the adoption of next-generation business practices and continued global expansion.

The new branding is rooted in the company’s services, culture, and people - three drivers that have made the company and its portfolio what it is today. As we continue to look ahead, creating a strong brand in the marketplace is essential while ensuring the new identity matches the innovative firm the company is actively becoming.

“Our vision is to foster competent professionals and improve the functioning of organisations and networks to increase their positive social impact,” says Mike Zuijderduijn, the MD of MDF. “We challenge ourselves to push for new answers and keep innovating. We look forward to partnering with our clients in this new chapter and continuing to pioneer new ways that make the world a better place.”

A big ‘Thank you!” to MDF’s global marketing and the superb team from MDF that helped every step of the way. Of course, we extend a huge thank you to our web developer, The Brink Agency of The Netherlands, for its work on this project.

We encourage you to visit our new site and provide us with feedback. If there is anything you’d like to share, please please contact Caroline Corso at MDF Netherlands, Donna Macharia, or Sam Thuo at MDF Africa.

We wish you a great, new navigational experience!