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Resource Mobilisation

A new context might require you to fundamentally diversify your resource base. How then do you tap into new financial resources and mobilise them to effectively meet your specific needs? MDF Training & Consultancy assists you with making strategic choices, implementing them and improving the capacities and essential fundraising skills of the staff involved. 

  • Our strategic approach provides you with creative, proven and tailored solutions.
  • We approach every solution holistically – from developing strategic choices to strengthening a specific competency.
  • We use the latest, proven methodologies and tools in an integrated manner.
  • Our experts combine training and consultancy experiences from the field.

What MDF Training & Consultancy has to offer

MDF Training & Consultancy helps with strategizing and implementing your resource mobilisation efforts. We can assist you to move beyond short-term funding to a more durable income while strengthening the specific fundraising competences of your and partners' staff depending on your specific needs. Our approach to resource mobilisation is comprehensive and always context specific.

One of the pillars of our strategic approach is to challenge your organisational identity, and help you sharpen your unique selling points and clarify what your organisation and partnership stands for. A strong organisational identity makes you known to potential support actors and strengthens unity and confidence among your staff.

Furthermore, your resource mobilisation strategy needs to define your medium term goals and map your current and future support actors and revenue streams. What are the remaining gaps and what are the best matchmaking strategies to fill the gaps? MDF Training & Consultancy helps you to develop and implement a resource mobilisation strategy that will help you to achieve your objectives, rather than having funders decide it for you.

We approach every solution holistically, from developing the strategic choices described above to strengthening a specific skill. For example, to be a successful proposal writer, MDF Training & Consultancy addresses six essential competencies. To strengthen analysing and assessing capabilities you will analyse the context funders operate in, learn how to use this insight for your own benefit and assess proposals using funder’s criteria. To strengthen your creative and writing skills we will assist you to structure your innovative ideas logically down to forming paragraphs and using a convincing and attractive writing style.

The third competency has to do with the management of the writing process. Being exposed to competencies of the organisation and quality control you will be able to ensure a fluid writing process within your organisation, optimising your writing time, involving the right people and managing a writing team.

Throughout the learning trajectory, tools like Theory of Change, Results Chain, FlowChart, Mindmapping and Mindo's Pyramid will be introduced and used in an integrated manner.