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MDF Advisory

Programme and Project Management

MDF Training & Consultancy enables you to manage your programmes and projects more effectively, while applying a participatory and strong results-oriented approach in all the phases of the project cycle. In close consultation with you, we choose the most appropriate tools to jointly develop your programme or project proposals, (further) develop your monitoring system or carry out learning-oriented evaluations.

  • We provide support throughout the entire project cycle and connect the different phases of the cycle to strengthen the learning, decision-making and accountability aspects of project management;
  • We bring in experience in a wide range of participatory monitoring and evaluation tools;
  • The whole process is results-oriented and at the same time it strengthens the team’s capacity and ownership of the products developed.

A selection of services we can provide for the different phases of the project cycle

For our approach to learning-oriented evaluations, see Evaluation. All our services apply a participatory approach towards strengthening the team’s capacity and ownership of the products.

Strengthening your context analysis

A proper understanding of the context and particularly (key) stakeholders is critical. MDF Training & Consultancy can guide you through a thorough stakeholder analysis, including the more political aspects. Understanding stakeholder behaviour in relation to the dynamic ‘playing field’ helps uncover real opportunities for change.

Facilitate a "Theory of Change”

We can guide and facilitate the development of a Theory of Change (ToC) to capture more complex change processes. By using a step-by-step approach and guiding participants through each step, an intensive reflection process takes place, which is generally translated into a visual representation of the ToC. This forms a sound basis for the next step in the programme’s development, result chains or result frameworks.

Jointly formulate your results framework

The MDF trainer/consultants have contributed to many results frameworks in different thematic areas and can guide and facilitate the joint formulation of these frameworks. They can provide easy to remember ways to distinguish between different results levels (output-outcome and impact) and can further sharpen your result chains.

Jointly design your monitoring system

MDF Training & Consultancy can also support you with developing a sound monitoring system, which can be based on SMART indicators, (more qualitative) progress markers or a combination of both. We can advise you on what seems most appropriate and decisions will be made in close consultation with you.

Establish your baseline

MDF Training & Consultancy has sound experience with baseline measurements. This is regularly followed by mid-term and end-evaluations. In such cases, MDF is positioned as a partner during the programme, while maintaining a clear distance from the actual implementation to enable an independent position as an evaluator.