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Organisation and People Management

To be effective in a rapidly changing world requires strong and adaptive leadership that focuses on concrete results and developing sound and flexible strategies based on emerging opportunities and threats. Moreover, organisations have to be able to develop a culture of learning, innovation, and collaboration with multiple stakeholders, and at the same time empower and motivate individual employees.

  • We provide in-depth knowledge and experience in assessing the capacity of individuals, organisations and partnerships
  • We provide customised services to improve leadership and management competencies
  • We provide hands-on support for developing new organisational strategies, implementation modalities, management of change processes, development of leadership, improvement of team functioning and the effective management of partnerships and networks.

What MDF Training & Consultancy has to offer

MDF Training & Consultancy offers a wide range of advisory, training and facilitation services focused on individuals (managers, employees, advisors), teams, organisations and networks. We can help you to discover that change at any level starts with knowing yourself, your role and that of your colleagues and partners within the different settings you work in.

Committing to the relationship with your co-workers, and the sincere wish to learn, improve and innovate on results, relationships and processes enhance the organisation and individual’s performance.

Our approach is inspired by a variety of established and new theories like: Management and Team Theories (Quinn, Belbin, De Caluwe), Personal Effectiveness Theories (Situational Leadership, MBTI, Jung, Insights Discovery, DISC) and the newest Network Theories (Capacity Works, FAN Approach, Theory U).

Improving team performance, leadership and people management 

Through training and advice MDF Training & Consultancy can assist you in improving of the performance of the teams and individuals in your organisation. We can assess your team’s performance by looking at the balance between team goals, collaboration, accountability and the use of individual competencies.

Individual leadership and people management skills are based on an analysis of personal values and beliefs, the effect of your behaviour has on your team, and how to adapt your behaviour according to different needs and situations. We use a broad range of proven theories and methods for analysing personalities and assessing the team and individual performances. For example: Functional Team Roles, Team Dynamics, Situational Leadership, Competing Values Framework, Conflict Handling and Principled Negotiation.

DISC provides a common and accessible language which helps you to understand and adapt your behaviour to different people and contexts. We have a group of certified colleagues who analyse DISC personality profiles and coach individuals and teams alike towards greater self-awareness, and improved communication and performance. 

Assessing the capacity of your organisation

MDF Training & Consultancy can provide training and advisory services for your organisation that can help you to assess the capacity of your organisation. We use proven performance-focused assessment methods. We adapt the tools and assessment criteria to the specific objectives of your organisation like the Integrated Organisation Model and the 5 Core Capabilities Model. We can help you to use the results of these assessments to define concrete priorities for capacity development or to develop a comprehensive capacity development strategy.    

Developing a strategy for your organisation

We can facilitate the process to develop a new strategy for your organisation. This strategy may be a comprehensive strategy for the whole organisation or for a specific aspect or output area, such as a strategy for local fundraising, a marketing strategy or a strategy for lobby and advocacy. We can also train your management staff on how to conduct this kind of process themselves.

By using participatory techniques we guide management and staff through a stepwise process of analysing the environment and the internal organisation and defining and assessing strategic options. We make use of different techniques, such as Basic Question, Environmental Scan, Stakeholder mapping, Coverage Matrix, Force Field Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Orientation or Disney Strategy.         

Organisational change

MDF Training & Consultancy can advise you on the management and implementation of organisational change within your organisation. We can assist with analysing the drivers of change, create awareness among staff and other stakeholders, create commitment, develop a change plan, develop the necessary (new) competencies, implement and anchor the required change in your organisational culture, systems and structure. Throughout this process we can advise you on how to get people on board, keep them motivated and use resistance in a positive way.  

Managing networks and partnerships

We can advise you how to improve the management of your network or partnership. By assessing the different aspects of the formal and informal functioning of the collaboration we help you to identify interventions for improvement. We have developed our own Active Network Management approach, based on Capacity Works (GiZ) and the Free Actors in Networks models (LinkConsult, Wielinga), Theory U (Otto Scharmer, and systemic (Hellinger) and equine-assisted (Bureau Wind) constellations.